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Zipit Bags for every purpose!

ZipIt bags & purses are a fresh take on the ordinary handbag. It comes as one long zipper which you zip in to a bag or a purse shape, just Zipit and you are ready to go - that's ZIP IT BAG! The quality zipper is made especially for ZipIt bags & purses. You can zip and unzip it without breaking it as much as you want. Zip it bags are compact, so you can carry it anywhere you want. It is also washable and dries very easily - you can put the ZipIt bag in the washing machine with your clothes - The colours won't fade!

The small zip-it bags are great for every day use. Medium sizes are very fashionable for women of all ages. The large designs are the most popular and most practical ones. They can carry up to 35kg!

ZipIt handbag UK is also a perfect gift idea and an excellent christmas stocking fillers!

Zipit bags have seven different models with many colour combinations and related accessories such as purses and make-up pouches and more models under development. To view the different models, please visit our 'Buy Now' page.

The bags are adored and loved by women of all ages. Young girls and teenagers usually prefer the Fling (ZA) model which is a great bag for everyday use. Women in their 20s and 30s usually prefer the Cabana (ZB) model to be used as a pocketbook. Le Gym (ZC) model is a very practical bag designed especially for students and for those who work-out in the gym. Go Big (ZD) model is big enough for beach essentials and for stashing all those terrific vacation souvenirs. Dinky (ZP) purse and the Clutch (ZM) make-up pouch are accessories that are many times purchased along with the bags as complementary products. We also have a bag which will fit most man young or old, it's the Messenger (ZCN), which is large and strong enough to be used as work, travel or just plain cool bag purpose, but mainly it is used by students and teenagers who carry around their laptops and school material. Finally for younger boys or girls, we have the Scout (ZBP) which is essentially a school bag strong and big enough for any purpose.

If you love FASHION ACCESSORIES, HANDBAGS & PURSES - You would love the ZipIt bags!

Zip It and watch your bag take shape. Uzipit
ZipIt - Studio (ZBD) ZipIt - Cabana (ZB) ZipIt - Fling (ZA) ZipIt - Le Gym (ZC) ZipIt - Dinky (ZP) ZipIt - Clutch Handle (ZMH)